Gujarat State Biotechnology Policy (2016-21)

With a view to providing focused attention on the subject and addressing the global developments and their cascading effect, the need for formulation of a separate Biotechnology Policy has become imperative. The Government has decided to lay down the Biotechnology Policy of the State for 2016-2021. An existing Biotechnology unit would mean a unit existing as a legal entity, being engaged either in manufacturing products or delivering services using biotechnology process, before the date of announcement of this Policy and is implementing expansion/ diversification in the project for carrying out activities indicated in this Policy and begins work for such expansion / diversification during the operative period of this Policy.

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  • Building up competencies of global scale in research, development and commercialization in Biotechnology sector, capable of harnessing the true potential of the sector in a sustainable way to achieve disease-free, nutritionally-secure, prosperous society living in a safe and clean environment.
  • To make Gujarat a preferred and globally competitive destination for development of Biotechnology products and services.
  • To promote the availability of quality and cost -efficient affordable Bio-technologies, Bio-products and Bio-services to the end users.
  • To generate awareness and support the popularization of Bio­ technologies, Bio-products and Bio-services for the benefit of the society.
  • To identify, strengthen and harness the potential human resource for quality in education, research and entrepreneurship.
  • To conserve Bio-resources using modern Biotechnology tools and utilizes it sustainably for the benefit of the society.
  • To forge global partnerships in emerging technologies with leading Biotechnology organizations/ agencies/ institutions in the world to promotethesector in the state.
  • To invest in and encourage research & development of technologies to create a strong I driven technology base in the state.
  • To create entrepreneurial opportunities in the Biotechnology sector to boost Biotechnology entrepreneurship in the State.
  • To make Gujarat a preferred destination for Biotechnology Industry by providing proactive, congenial and industry-friendly climate for BT companies.
  • To achieve higher level of domestic and export revenue turnover resulting in enhanced productivity and augmentation of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP).

The key objectives of this Policy are:

  • To establish Gujarat as a preferred & globally - competitive destination for manufacturing of Biotechnology products and services and to reach a turnover target of Rs. 15,000 Crores.
  • To create a professionally competent manpower pool of 25,000 human resources in the Biotechnology sector.
  • To create employment opportunities for more than one lakh human resources in Biotechnology sector by 2021.
  • To promote creation of Intellectual Property (IP) in the BT sector by facilitating R&D institutions and contributing more funds to R&D in the BT sector.
  • To encourage cutting-edge Biotechnology research, build world­ class infrastructure and attract world's best talent to contribute to the State's development.
  • To develop Biotechnology entrepreneurship and promote development, management & commercialization on of Bio­ technologies with an aim of branding Gujarat as a hub for Biotechnology start-ups, entrepreneurship, technology management and commercialization.